Auroshikha Stick Incense Sampler

Auroshikha Stick Incense Sampler
Item# ISGBO2

Item Description

Auroshikha presents a selection of nature's timeless fragrances. This sample pack of hand rolled incense provides an introduction to a wide range of delightfully natural aromas. The freshness of Auroshikha fragrances provides a gentle and uplifting sense of well being. They represent an incense tradition thousands of years old that remains alive still today in India.

These 18 fragrances are offered in 4" size sticks and offer a wide range of incense experiences, from woods to resins to flower combinations that are all light and inspiring. Whether you choose the sweet purity of jasmine, the expressive heartfelt tenderness of rose, the woody richness of sandal, or the beloved freshness of lavender, you will find your spirits uplifted and soothed.

Auroshikha, world-renowned for its revival of the ancient art of incense making and its extraordinary variety of more than 100 fragrances, offers a wide range of aromatic experience to match your moods and surroundings