Blood Purifyer™

Blood Purifyer™
Item# S58X

Item Description

Daily Non-Laxative Detoxifier

Blood-Purifier™ is a powerful systemic detoxification formula that help cleanse the system WITHOUT LAXATIVE EFFECT. The three-herb blend of Red Clover, Violet Leaves & Blue Vervain, remove toxins and promote healthy circulatory system.

Our formulation combines: RED CLOVER BLOSSOMS…herbal tonic & cleanser promotes good health and healthy circulation; VIOLET LEAVES…systemic cleanser often used in alternative therapies; VERVAIN…supports healthy liver function, a vital process that removes toxins from the blood. Protect Your Health By Keeping Your System Clean! AMOUNT PER SERVING (1 CAPSULE): Proprietary Blend 450mg- Red Clover (blossoms), Vervain (herb), Violet (leaves). OTHER INGREDIENTS: Plant Cellulose (Vcaps™)- vegetarian capsules which contain absolutely no animal derived ingredients. NATURE'S WONDERLAND GUARANTEE: This product contains only premium quality ingredients. We use no binders, fillers, extenders, additives or preservatives.

Common use: Promotes blood cleansing; helps faciliate the removal of toxins from body; detoxifier.

Suggested Directions: As an addition to the daily diet, take 1 or 2 capsules, three times daily with water at mealtime. NOT TO BE USED DURING PREGNANCY.