Brazilian Palo Primer

Brazilian Palo Primer
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by Robert Laremy

The African's, in particular, have been extremely successful in transplanting their way of life, their indigenousity, to Brazil. Forming self-sufficient communities deep in the jungle, many of these Africans were Bantu-speaking runaway slaves whose magico-religious systems have come to be known as Macumba, Kimbanda also spelled Quimbanda and, more recently, Umbanda. These cults bear a striking resemblance to the better-known Cuban Palo rites; yet, while Cuban Palo has been slowly allowing its veil to fall, its Brazilian counterparts have remained hermetic and mysterious, rarely practiced outside Brazil. In this primer I will attempt to offer a glimpse of this fascinating, rarely talked-about magical system called KIMBANDA; BRAZILIAN PALO by offering some tried-and-true spells, recipes, and incantations sure to help you achieve your most cherished desires.