Emotional Balance (Water) Blessed Herbal Candle

Emotional Balance (Water) Blessed Herbal Candle
Item# BHC-EM

Item Description

Deep Aqua Orange Blossom Essential Blend. Emotional Balance is found when we begin to trust our instincts & strengthen our connection with the Divine. It is this source of life that fulfills us & allows us to find Balance between all aspects of life. Water represents the sub- conscious-a place of dreams, instinct & emotions.

CANDLE USE: Provide energy present in the courage to explore emotions that may limit growth. Aid in emotional level of self-discovery, gain inner control and allow instinct to be trusted.

ASTROLOGICAL INFO: Pent up emotions are best released during a Waning Moon in the Zodiacs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Used during a Waxing Moon, help to get in touch with your true emotions around a situation.

OTHER INFO: The Element of Water is associated with the cauldron of life, representing the heart & circulatory system, the direction of West, Sunset and Autumn. The dark turquoise demonstrates that still waters run deep and cold.