Money Drawing Incense

Money Drawing Incense
Item# MDI01

Item Description

This incense is useful for opening to door to money. It has gained a very good reputation in money drawing, as it seems to work when it is used. Having used it myself when in financial need I can testify to its effectiveness. I am sure it will work as well for you, although there are no guarantees in the operation of magic. Burning this incense seems to announce to the universe that more income is needed.

Burn about a quarter teaspoon at a time on hot charcoal Cense all the rooms of the house with the incense when you want a lift in your money supply.

This incense must not be overused, as over use is a signal that you are unhappy with the divine supply that is being given you. The universe seems to interpret over use as a sign of greed, and reduces rather than increases the supply. Using this incense three or four times a year is best. You should use it when you are at a low point financially, as this seems to have the best results. It will bring money in to you donít be impatient. It is important not to wonder where the money will come from, for doing so may act to limit the amount available to you.

*** We guarantee that burning this incense ***

will improve your financial conditions,

if not, return the unused portion for a $19.95 refund.