Lucky Gambler Bath Bomb

Lucky Gambler Bath Bomb
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Item Description

Some players will try to attract good fortune before they leave for the casino. These Triple Strength Lucky Gamblers Bath Bombs are perfect for anyone who needs instant luck. Help turn the odds in your favor when playing cards, slots, table games, bingo, horse racing, policy, the lottery, or other "numbers" games. Get the edge you need!

For use in the bath tub: Consider wrapping the bath bomb with fabric. Consider cutting your bath bomb in half. Plug the bathtub and fill it with water. Put the bath bomb in the water. Get undressed and step into the tub. Sit back in the tub. Get out of the tub when the water gets cold and air dry.

For use in the shower: Take a handheld veggie peeler(even a grater may work) and start grinding down the bath bomb to fine powder (No chunks). When you're done, add some of the powder to a container and then squeeze in about, no more than a tablespoon of shower gel/cream of your choice. Mix SLOWLY until it's fully incorporated. Use the mixture as a body wash.

Another way to use them in the shower is to place a bath bomb on the floor of the tub. When the shower water hits the bath bomb, it'll fizz and release its scent into the shower. You won't get the moisturizing benefits of the bath bomb, but you'll be able to enjoy its nice, soothing scent!