Magic Power of White Witchcraft

Magic Power of White Witchcraft
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Revised for the New Millennium Revised for a new generation of "good witches," the classic guide to putting witchcraft to work in everyday life to achieve the goals mortals covet: wealth, success, influence, and happiness. Forget newt's eyes and bubbling cauldrons. Witchcraft has come out of the dark ages. Grounded in an ancient religion celebrating the natural world, this benevolent occult art taps into the force of the human spirit and will. Now thoroughly revised, the definitive guide from pioneering witches Gavin and Yvonne Frost is certain to thrill and motivate today's mortals.

Making the wondrous ways of witchcraft easy to grasp and practice, this unique resource reveals hundreds of effective mystical techniques. Step by step, the Frosts take readers through spells, rituals, affirmations, telepathy, and the art of divining--with real life examples documenting the remarkable results. Aspiring "witches" will unlock secret powers to: define goals, seize opportunities, improve memory, work smarter, influence others, gain insight, control emotions, develop empathy, find the right mate, boost energy, feel great, achieve serenity, and fulfill dreams. For anyone who has ever been passed over for a promotion, rejected by a lover, or missed that perfect chance for something wonderful...and wondered why, this fun and empowering guide just might have the answer.