Quick Spell Power Packs

Quick Spell Power Packs
Candle Power Packs are combinations of our Quick Spell Candles used to bring very specific results. Follow the instructions on each candle and burn on the day listed on the instructions. Most Power Pack combinations will take 1-2 weeks to complete. In very stubborn situations or if you are new to burning candles for purpose you may have to repeat this sequence several times to get the best results.

Attract New Relationship
...for people who are entering the dating world after a long hiatus or for people who are ready for relationship but are not finding anyone suitable.
Bring Errant Lover Back
...bring back a lover who has left. This will not change the person but may give you another chance to work things out.
 Dealing with Difficult Co-Worker
...help an unhappy, angry, or abusive co-worker to find another job better suited for them elsewhere.
Dealing with An Enemy
Improve Luck
Remove bad vibes and improve your luck!
Dealing with a Difficult Neighbor
Find a New Job With Better Pay
Spell Candles Removing the Block and Quick Action
Increase Prosperity
increase your wealth as well as your general sense of abundance and well-being.
Take Love Back from Another
...bring back a lover who has left is now with someone else.