Amber Pendant for Life and Hope

Amber Pendant for Life and Hope
Item# NM111

Item Description

Amber embraces life. Hope is life and life is hope. Many stones help us to connect with Light, but Amber brings us to Warmth. The energies of Amber are very solar, and they have the quality of creating a comfortable sense of warmth, health and well-being in the wearer.

Amber is recommended to be worn or carried by anyone recovering from illness or injury, because its warm and nurturing energies put us in touch with our own essential strength and security. It is excellent for convalescence, because it warms the inner being and activates the life force, as well as one's emotional desire for wellness.

This description is from: THE BOOK OF STONES: Who They Are & What They Teach Copyright 2005 Robert Simmons and Heaven & Earth Publishing LLC