Carnelian Pendant for Strength and Courage

Carnelian Pendant for Strength and Courage
Item# NM113

Item Description

The dynamic cosmic energy one feels from this charm, may bestow great strength and courage.

Mystic Lore: Intuitive sources say Carnelian is a stone which can powerfully activate the second chakra, for enhanced creativity and (in adults) heightened sexuality. It is said to be a good stone for bringing people who are 'too spiritual' into an enjoyment and appreciation of the physical world.

Carnelian: This stone derived its name from the Kornel cherry, because of its bright color. The best qualities come from India, where its color is enhanced by exposure to the sun. It is a chalcedony with a hardness of 6.5 to 7.

This description is from: THE BOOK OF STONES: Who They Are & What They Teach Copyright 2005 Robert Simmons and Heaven & Earth Publishing LLC