Cleansing and Uncrossing Ritual

Cleansing and Uncrossing Ritual
Item# JRSK03

Item Description


• Four Purple candles
• One 7-Day Brown candle
• Four Thieves’ Vinegar
• Witches’ Salt


1) Light the four Purple candles.
2) Light the Brown candle.
3) Place some of the Four Thieves’ Vinegar in a bowl.
4) Add some of the Witches’ Salt.
5) Add enough water to fill the bowl.
6) Sprinkle the mixture around the candles.
7) Sprinkle the mixture all around the house.
8) Anoint yourself with it on the forehead and the arms.
9) Chant the following three times:

With this ritual,
I cleanse away all evil;
I cleanse away all negative thoughts.
The power of evil is removed.
As I sprinkle this solution, Evil will go!
Negativity will dissipate.
The powers of evil are removed!
So Mote It Be.