Dragon Blood Jasper Stone Petal

Dragon Blood Jasper Stone Petal
Item# dbj105

Item Description

It can lift you from the depths of despair and self-doubt to put you on the path of victory.

Not for the faint of heart, this stone has a knack for instilling determination and vigor like no other!

Dragon Blood Jasper pushes you to chase your aspirations like a warrior going into battle.

Dragon Blood Jasper Stone (2 inches long / 1 inch wide) aims to cut through those feelings and restore your inner gusto. It encourages you to look past times when you’ve come up short and look to the future with confidence.

The best way to use Dragon Blood Jasper is through meditation. Hold it in your hands or apply it directly to your chakras for stimulation. When you ruminate in your thoughts and direct your intention into the stone, you’re said to absorb its energy and healing properties more efficiently. Jinx Removing / Uncrossing Spiritual Oils