Ritual for Removing Evil Spirits

Ritual for Removing Evil Spirits
Item# JRSK01

Item Description

• Frank and Myrrh Incense
• Holy Oil
• Four purple candles
• Silver cord
• Seal of the Pentagram (you’ll need one for each doorway)

1) Anoint the four Purple candles and yourself with the Holy Oil.
2) Place the four Purple candles in a square.
3) Arrange the Silver cord in a circle, around the candles.
4) Light the candles.
5) Burn the Frank and Myrrh Incense.
6) Chant the following:

I exorcise you, Evil Spirits.
Flee from this place!
Do not resist, but yield... Depart-Now!
I call on Zeus and Ra,
Help ! O dispel all evil.
With this might, you are beaten.
Begone, all evil!
So Mote It Be.

7) Place the Seal of the Pentagram over each door.