Spell Kit to Cast Off the Influence of the Evil Eye

Item# SK006

Item Description

If a person of envious nature has cast the evil eye upon you, causing your life to become crossed and jinxed, you should obtain:

  • 1 Seal of Spiritual Protection from the Sixth And Seventh Books of Moses (fig. 23B)
  • 8 oz. bottle of Holy Water
  • 1 oz. bottle Uncrossing Oil
  • 1 oz. bottle Jinx Removing Oil
  • 1 packet Uncrossing Powder


  • Place the Seal and 9 drops of the Uncrossing Oil into your container of Holy Water. Allow it to stand in window sill for three days.

  • On the following, or fourth day thereafter, sprinkle your dwelling in every corner with that mixture. Pray the 91st Psalm as you do so.

  • Thereafter, bathe with a mixture of the remaining Uncrossing Oil and the Jinx Removing Oil in your bath water for 7 consecutive days.

  • Dust yourself lightly with the powder on your chest after each bath and sprinkle a bit in both shoes before you go out outdoors.