Spell Kit Bring a Proposal of Marriage

Item# SK002

Item Description

You will need:

  1. 2 image candles
  2. 1 square of parchment 6x6
  3. 1 bottle Love Oil
  4. 1 red flannel bag
  5. 1 packet Love Incense
  6. Doves Blood Ink


  1. Draw a circle on the parchment square. Inside, write your name.
  2. Outside, around the circle, write the name of the one you would like to marry.
  3. Anoint the two candles with the oil and set them to face each other on the parchment in the circle.
  4. Light the candles along with some of the incense.
  5. When they have been reduced to stubs, press some of the wax from each together and inserte it along with the parchment and 7 pinches of the incense into the bag. Seal it shut.
  6. Anoint the bag with the oil and say out loud:

"Lover, Lover, come to me, by my side forever more.
Lover, Lover, marry me, thee I do adore."

  • Keep the bag under your pillow and anoint it weekly with the oil and repeat the words.