"Archangel Gabriel" Crystal Medicine Bag

"Archangel Gabriel" Crystal Medicine Bag
Item# CMB01

Item Description

The "Archangel Gabriel" Crystal Medicine Bag (CMB) is reiki-charged and a collection of beautiful and powerful gemstones specifically selected to help you connect with this powerful Archangel. Archangel Gabriel is known as the 'messenger angel' and helps anyone who works in any form of art, healing work or communication. So call upon Archangel Gabriel for guidance if you need help, encouragement, inspiration or overcoming any fear in regard to your line of work.

This CMB includes: •1" Archangel Gabriel medal (with “Pray for Us” written in the back) •White deer leather pouch •Detailed instructions on how to activate and use it

2 x Blue Lace Agate - balances emotions and brings inspiration 2 x Citrine - connects one to Archangel Gabriel’s soothing energy 2 x Moonstone - enhances intuition and boosts creativity