The simplest of candle rituals are those where only one candle is used, along with incense and a talismanic seal from the 6th & 7th Books of Moses. This book is sub-titled Moses' Magical Spirit Art, it contains over a hundred of these seals which are believed to have many great and diverse powers. Each seal is a printed design which has been made for a particular purpose. The practitioner writes a seccret wish on the back of the seal which is then placed beneath a candle. The candle and incense are lit and burned until the candle is consumed.

Each kit comes with 1 - 7 Day Glass Candle, 1- Magical Seal Oil (1/2oz.), 1 bag of incense (3 oz.), 1 Brass Incense Burner and one Talismanic Seal of Moses printed on parchment paper. Complete instructions included. $27.95