Cleopatra Powder


Item Description

Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is one of the great romantic heroines of all time. At the age of seventeen, she married her younger brother and led a revolt against another brother. With the aid of Julius Caesar, she won the kingdom. Her husband-brother was accidently drowned in the Nile so she married another brother, At the same time she was mistress to Caesar so she left her husband for Rome with Caesar, After he was murdered, Cleopatra returned to Egypt where she was visited by Marc Antony. He fell madly in love and they were married. Most of the Romans feared and hated Cleopatra so they attacked the lovers. Defeated, Antony and Cleopatra both committed suicide. Her schemes failed, but her charm and ambition has left a great impression on history.

For those who wish to attract great love, each day put some of the sachet on the pubic hairs of your body. Also, sprinkle a bit at the four corners of the sheet on your bed.