Complete Book of Voodoo

Complete Book of Voodoo
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This is not a book about the Religion of Vodu but rather about the Conjure Workers who practiced their art in the South.

Pelton's material comes from a wide variety of sources primarily old journals and magazines relating to the South and from the late 1800's. In his companion volume, "Voodoo Charms & Talismans", has an extensive Bibliography giving details of where he obtained this information from.

The Vevers (aka Veves) are different and unique. This is not so unusual as one may think since Voodoo Magic as a practice and more specifically Conjure work is more inclusive rather than exclusive. One does not need to read Nora Zeal Hurston to learn that Mr. Pelton gained a lot of this information from a wide variety of soures.

The herbal information is also culled from a wide variety of sources. Some practitioners have reported that it didn't quite jive with other "reliable" sources the trouble with that is there aren't any true 'reliable sources' because Conjure work is about as independently performed as it comes. Most Conjure workers learned their skills from a teacher and not all of them had access to libraries because many could not read.

Chapters I've found useful are:

2,3 - How to Make A Voodoo Doll & Doll Sorcery 4 - Candle Sorcery 13 - Court Room Sorcery 18 - Cabalistic Diagrams and How to Use Them 19 - Voodoo Candle Magic 22 - Herb & Plant Sorcery

This is a fine collection of material and is worth studying if for nothing as another source of material on the art of Conjure & RootWork. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars for completeness and worthwhile subject matter.

Important: Remember this material is dated and written in a time when civil rights were just becoming popular. This is NOT a politically correct book! Be forewarned. The material is usable, practical and offers you more of an inside look into the practice of RootWork-Conjure Sorcery.