Controlling Powder


Item Description

An aid toward giving one complete control over any situation and over other people. It can be used as a sachet powder to influence friends, stop infidelity in a lover, and gain the advantage in business deals. If you believe a mate is untrue, get a doll, or cut a rough paper outline of a human figure, Place the image on a larger square of red cloth. Sprinkle the powder onto the talisman, and repeat this chant, changing "he, his, or him" to "she or her" if the object of the spell is a woman:

Oh, hair of his head, whisper my name when he dreams and when he walks among the people.
Draw him by the hand, draw him by the foot, draw him by the heart until he thinks only of me, he dies for love of me, no lovemaking but mine. He comes to me, comes to me, he is here with me, only me.

When going out to do business, sprinkle the powder into the shoes before leaving home so that you will be favored in the transaction. Repeat the following chant throughout the day:

Now is the time, this is the hour, my will be done, mine is the power.

Repeat until you feel confident in your mastery over the situation.

To force another to your will, write the name of the one you wish to control on the reverse of a Seal of Fire, a design from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. Roll the seal into a cylinder shape, with the design outward and tie it with yellow yarn or string so that it will not unroll. Place the talisman in a small box and sprinkle it several times {each week, As the powder is dusted onto the seal, chant nine times quickly:

Now is the time, this is the hour, my will be done, mine is the power.

Write your desire on parchment in dragonís blood ink and burn to ashes, then mix those ashes in with the powder and sprinkle at your front door to ensure that everyone passing through will do your bidding.