High John Root Spell Kit For Financial Gain

High John Root Spell Kit For Financial Gain
Item# HJFG

Item Description

You will need:

  1. 3 large High John the Conqueror Roots
  2. 1 purple High John Candle, 7 Day type
  3. 1 pint of Holy Water
  4. 1 Green flannel bag


    On a Day of Mercury, Jupiter or Venus, under a waxing Moon, begin this spell to help you increase your financial worth.

  5. Take one of the Roots and wrap a $ 1.00 bill around it and secure it with green twine.
  6. Place it in the charm bag and carry it on your person as a money drawing amulet.
  7. Light the High John Candle and vision yourself increasing your money as you roll the second Root around and around between thy two hands. Continue this each day thereafter for a hour as the candle burns itself out. Then bury the Root near the door to your home.
  8. The third Root you must boil in the Holy Water as a -thick tea. When the brew has cooled, sprinkle around thy house and rub a bit upon your hands to aid the in matters which draw money.