Lavender Oil


Item Description

Amulets are scented and fixed with this oil to give the holder of the amulet the ability to see ghosts. Also sprinkle it in the area you are working in.

• For tranquility and peace in your home, sprinkle it around your house or add it to the wash.

• Wear it for peace of mind. When you use this oil, it is claimed all sadness departs and happiness abounds.

• Sprinkle it between the bed sheets to promote love. Love spells for centuries have used the herb or oil to promote this wonderful emotion.

• Put on your body to attract love and on notes you write to the one you love. It is used mainly to attract men.

• It is said this oil protects against bad treatment by a loved one.

• Good to prevent harm from the Evil Eye. Wear the oil as a scent, place it clockwise around your door and window frames.

• For a good night’s sleep anoint a candle, incense, your pillow or sachet next to your pillow.

• Add it to your bath for purification.