Master Power Bags

Master Power Bags
Master Power Bags are an important part of magical practice. The items included are dependent on the purpose desired. Each bag contains an odd numbered mixture of herbs, talismans, roots, powders & stones.

There are Master Power Bags for money, gambling, protection, career, family, love, sex, marriage, court cases, wellness, health, beauty, home, harmony.

Mojo Bags are usually carried in a pocket or worn around the neck or pinned inside the undergarments so that they are in contact with your flesh. Anoint your bag with Spiritual Oils such as Protection Oil, Love Oil, Controlling Oil, Command Oil, Money Oil, Come to Me Oil, and Lucky Oil. Your bag should be carried with you at all times to get a specific desired effect.

Each mojo bag comes with an info sheet that explains all about it.

O Lord, I need to BREAK UP these two people, fast...
I want and need my loved one to come close to me, stay with me and desire me only...
Fast Luck Mojo Bag
Escape the curse of bad luck and negative vibrations...
Gambler's Mojo Bag
Use this bag when playing any game of chance, lottery, race track, casino etc...
Get What I Want Mojo Bag
It is alleged that this bag with faith in God can turn my luck around and have things go my way...
Jinx Removing
I want to get rid of this jinx bad. My luck is down and everything is blocked...
Keep Love True Mojo Bag
Never be alone again.
Love and be loved always
by the one you most desire!
Lottery Mojo Bag
Lord knows that I haven't won big in a long time and I need to break out fast...
You have the ability to be a millionaire...
Beat the Devil. Wherever evil lurks, protect yourself...
Protect me from all harm and make the devil run away from me, my house and my family...
Your enemies should beware, now...
Does bad luck follow you? Get rid of Evil Spirits...