Seperation Oil

Item# COR86

Item Description

Two white candles, preferably jumbo sized ones, placed side by side, are used for this ritual which can be most effective in bringing discord, conflict, and descension into the relationship of two friends or lovers.

Place beneath each candle the name of one of the persons involved in your objective. This should be scribed with Dragon's Blood Ink onto a small square of parchment paper. Anoint the four corners of the talisman with the oil. Anoint each candle also with the oil, beginning about two inches from the top, stroking downward.

Place the candles close together — but not touching —and burn for about ten minutes after which time extinguish the flames.

Each day thereafter, move the candles apart about an inch or two from the other and burn them for a few minutes. Repeat the ritual until the candles are exhausted or the relationship between those involved has completely disintegrated.