St. Michael Oil

Item# COR75

Item Description

Alleged to bring great powers to those who apply it to their hands before doing occult work. Keep some open in the room wherever psychic skill is employed.

To conquer the obstacles in one's path, secure an image of St. Michael (a statue, a picture or prayer card, or a paper seal picturing the crossed swords which is called the Shield of St. Michael). Anoint your talisman daily with the oil, and pray this prayer faithfully:

Thy help is my salvation,
and I ask for assistance in guarding me from all danger,
delivering me from all evil of body and soul.
Free my enemies from the bondage of hatred,
let not anger burn in their hearts,
and instill in them the peace and love and forgiveness toward me which I bear toward them.
Let me by my example prove my sincerity in my
efforts to turn away from all rage and wrath,
inviting in its place tranquility and serenity.