New Items!

Buddha Prosperity 3 3/4"
Perfect for any altar or shrine space dedicated to spiritual or material prosperity.
2016 Astrological Calendar
Let the stars and planets guide you to a prosperous year.
2016 Daily Planetary Guide
Plan your days using cosmic energies
Road Opener Perfume experiences and opportunities open up for you...
Mr. Money Perfume
Draw money in games of chance and in business...
2016 Witches' Calendar by Llewellyn
a perfect resource for living in balance and harmony.
Elephant 2 3/4"
Elephant standing atop stacks of gold
Fast Luck Perfume
...particularly useful when you are seeking good luck in all matters involving money...
2016 Sun Sign Book
An easy astrological primer for beginners
Money Tree 4"
A unique focus for a shrine or altar...
Money Turtle 2 1/2"
a focus for improving wealth, luck and relationships.
Love Perfume
...a fantastic boost when you are trying to attract love...
Basil Cologne
A great aid in bringing good fortune back into your life...