Wicked Witch Spell Oils

Sometimes you need a little Wicked to spark your Mojo

Dorothy Morrison, author of 11 plus magical books, chose Coventry Creations to translate her Wicked Witch Mojo into magical candles and oils. "I like mojo. Thatís because itís the easiest magic on the face of the Earth. You set the tone, name your intent, light the candle, and the magic happens. Itís as easy as that. The real trick - aside from absolute desire for the end result and belief in its manifestation - is using products with the correct ingredients. The stuff that packs enough wallop to make the magic happen. And thatís why I contacted my good friends and fellow practitioners, Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw of Coventry Creations when I wanted to do this line. Simply put, they know what works. They know what doesnít. And together, we make a very good team." ~ Dorothy Morrison