Guardian Angel Candle innocent cherub...
Del Retiro Candle
...break curses, hexes, negativity, vanquish enemies.
Male Gender Candle Black
male aspects of fertility
Female Gender Candle Red
lust and desire
Male Image Candle Pink
emotional healing and love spells
Female Image Candle Black
power and protection
Dragons Blood Soap
Destroy any evil threatening you
Irresistible Amulet
Irresistible attraction
Rompe Brujeria Herb Bath - Spell Breaker
...break up and remove a spell or hex.
Dragon's Blood Cologne
Magical Protection
Black Destroyer Oil
...most commonly used in rituals to destroy curses, hatred, resentments, envy and any evil intention towards you or your home.
Rider Waite Tarot
authorized edition of the famous 78-card tarot deck.
Lucky Gambler / Money Drawing
Good Fortune and Luck in all games of chance!
Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt - 1Lb.
Moves out all evil and enemies...
Avert Evil Amulet
...charged with protective magic.
Devil Trap Amulet
...inscriptions to confuse and trap evil.../I
Quick Money Drawing Soap
Quick Money Drawing
Alligator Claw
...gambling, or playing games of chance.
Wishing Lamp Amulet make your wishes come true,
Anna Riva Victory Over Evil Incense
To be free from all enemies, burn this...
Anna Riva Damnation Incense
A crossing blend burned to hex a foe.