Aventurine - <i>Wealth & Good Luck</i>
overflow with prosperity and success...
All Purpose 7 Day Candle
The surface of the jar bears a variety of general purpose symbols and comes in 7 color layers...
Talisman For Good Health
Camphor Squares - 4 Piece pack
Camphor is known for it's cleansing properties against dark, unwanted energies.
Jinx Removing Bath & Floorwash
Remove those jinxes and curses that have been worked upon you...
Talisman To Attain Riches
This talisman is treasured by all who wish to become rich and famous...
Murray &amp; Lanman Rose Cologne
Wear it to drape yourself in the romantic scent of roses or use it as
Helping Yourself With Selected Prayers <br>Volume 1
Over 125 Prayers for your specific needs...
<b>TRIPLE STRENGTH SEAL OILS</B>  <BR><i>Any 3 for $21.00</i>