New Items!

Guardian Angels™ 2021 Bracelets™
Prosperity Energy™ 2021 Bracelets™
Protection and Power™ 2021 Bracelets™
Lucky Horseshoe Reversible Necklace
Be protected and extra lucky
Controlling Power Necklace
...control over people and problems!
Snake Necklace
combat evil that may be surrounding you
Black Cat Bone Bracelet
powerful good luck charm
Xtra Strong Lucky Horseshoe
good luck all the time
Lucky Gambler’s Necklace
Casinos, Races, Numbers, Lottery
Alligator Eye
Draws Money and Luck!
Bat Eye Necklace
Scare away all evil
Money Drawing Pyramid
The Lucky Monkey Necklace
change all your bad luck into good luck
The Gambler’s Secret Necklace
Jackpot Casino Necklace
Bayberry Candle Kit
bring luck into your life and put money in your pocket...
Rose of Jericho
...will bring peace, power and abundance into your home.
Florida Water - 7.5 oz.
A fragrance that is welcomed by the Spirits. It is used in spells to remove...
Stop Evil Sprinkling Salt - 1Lb.
Moves out all evil and enemies...
Pass Tests, Develop Intellect & Wisdom
Destroy Everything (EVIL) Bracelet
Destroy All evil
Lucky Fat Cat Money Necklace
Hit That Winning Number
Easy-to-do magical rituals listed with each herb will help you in achieving your desires.