You do not have to be a believer, you just need an open mind to use the energy that stones contain. There are well over 500 different types of gemstones and crystals in the world. These are the most common stones used in mojo bags and spell casting. They can also be carried in your purse or pockets, placed upon your altar, worn as jewelry and so on.


This gemstone attracts strength, gives protection, happiness, aids in job finding and attracts good fortune.

Brings general good fortune, gives protection to women, stimulates pleasure and love, and helps to maintain your health.

An excellent healing stone, protection and easy childbirth, stimulates love and affection in others, opens the crown chakra.

Protects from over indulgence in food and alcohol, calms tension, cures insomnia and headaches, relieves pain and tension, gives prophetic dreams, brings spiritual contentment.
Apache Tear

Famous witches stone, gives good luck, protects from evil, used in enchantments and fascination magick, and repels evil in all forms.

A healing stone, used to calm and soothe the nerves, to relieve stress, relax the muscles, helps in digestion, great for weight loss, protection while traveling on water.