New Items!

Banishing Bath
get rid of negative energies, spirits, and influences
Spell Breaker Aromatic Herb Bath
...break up and remove a spell or hex.
Dispel Jinx Aromatic Aromatic Herb Bath
Dispel any Jinx!
Road Opener Aromatic Herb Bath
paving the way for the opportunity you desire
Road Opener Perfume experiences and opportunities open up for you...
Mr. Money Perfume
Draw money in games of chance and in business...
Fast Luck Perfume
...particularly useful when you are seeking good luck in all matters involving money...
Love Perfume
...a fantastic boost when you are trying to attract love...
Basil Cologne
A great aid in bringing good fortune back into your life...
Lucky Horseshoe
...good luck and protection...
Victory in Gambling Talisman
Lottery and Casino Games
Prosperity Crystal Point
...ritually empowered to bring greater prosperity to its bearer...