Candle burning spells are one of the simplest forms of magic to perform. The practitioner needs only a candle, a few basic essentials and a strong desire for the purpose of the spell. Whether you are performing a healing spell, a love spell or any other type of candle magic, it is essential to maintain a positive outlook and the belief that the desired results will occur.

Many people performed their first candle burning ritual as a child when they closed their eyes, made a wish and blew out the candles on their birthday cake. Just as a wide-eyed child makes a birthday wish, practicing candle burning magic can be as simple as closing your eyes, stating your desire and visualizing the wanted results coming true.

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Wildly popular within a variety of ritual magic traditions,
Jar candles are frequently used by themselves or along with prayer and other
ritual methods to bring blessings, protection, or even curses into being. Most common are the "7-Day Jar Candles" which are traditionally burned over
a period of seven days and accompanied by a prayer.
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