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Smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies, spirits or influences. The smudging ceremony involves the burning of special, sacred plants and herbal resins, then, either passing an object through the resulting smoke, or fanning the smoke around a person or place. The spirit of the plant then purifies whatever is being smudged.

Smudging Tutorial
The Smudging Ceremony
SAGE AND SMUDGE: Secrets Of Clearing Your Personal Space
Secrets Of Clearing Your Personal Space
White Sage Smudge Stick 6-Pack
White sage has long been held as a sacred herb...
Prosperity Smudge Stick 3-Pack
invoke good luck, well being, wealth, and general prosperity.
Ceremonial Smudge Stick 3-Pack
rituals of purification, cleansing, and banishing...
Blessing Smudge Stick 5"- 6"
...bring blessings of good fortune into your life.
Smudge Variety Pack
...includes the sage and sweet grass smudge stick, the sage and lavender smudge stick, and the sage and cedar smudge stick...
Easy to use and durable, these smudge sticks will last for months of use if properly put out each time...
Sage & Cedar Smudge
Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions...
Sage & Lavendar Smudge
The sage and lavender are combined together in a thick, 5" long bundle...
Sage & Sweetgrass Smudge
This Sage and Sweetgrass smudge stick is one of a wide variety...
Sage and Copal Smudge
Smudging is an important purification ritual in many different cultures and traditions...
Smudge Pot and Mini White Sage Smudge Wand
FENG SHUI, SMUDGE KIT (Loose white sage with shell, boxed with instructions)
Burn to remove negativity from a space, cleansing an area in your home, drive away malevolent forces and promoting healing energy.
BABY SMUDGE--PROTECTION (4" white sage ; 3/pack)
For Protection
BABY SMUDGE--CLARITY  (3" yerba santa; 3/pk)
For Clarity