Attraction Oil

Item# A1110

Item Description

This oil works to bring in prosperity on all levels.

• Anoint an Orange Candle and focus precisely on one intent.

• Anoint a Tonka Bean, a Nutmeg or a Buckeye and carry it at all times to attract the favor of good spirits throughout the day.

• For Money, or Business anoint a Green Candle with it.

• If you own a business, place an anointed Buckeye or an Orris Root by your front door (wherever business comes in - also by your phone if that is how you get business).

• For a favorable verdict in court, anoint a brown candle.

• To attract a new relationship, anoint a red or pink candle. Also wear this oil as a perfume to magnetize your auric field.

• Anoint your body with this oil to keep your lover from straying.

• Add a few drops to your bath water once a week to magnetize your aura and attract a mate.

• Anoint the bottom of your shoes with just a few drops each day to bring good luck.

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