Cleopatra Oil

Item# B011

Item Description

Legendary Queen, seductress and strategist. Use this potion to entice a stranger the wearer desires; can cause people around you to respond to your desires, whether for money, power or romance... Cleopatra Oil is perfect for those of you wishing to ignite your love life and add an extra bit of spice to it! This beautiful and sensual potion can create a deeper bond between two people and has even been known to bring back a drifting lover. Cleopatra Oil will make you simply irresistible! Use this seductive oil on pink, red, and yellow candles, Add a few drops to your bathwater, along with some fresh rose petals, with cup of milk and two tablespoons of honey for a powerful Egyptian love-drawing bath. Use on a red candle to invoke Cleopatra's seductive spirit to aid you in your plight. Or use it as an offering to her or other love goddesses, especially those of Egyptian or Roman origin. Created with love, when the time of the Moon is right, containing Arabian sandalwood, luxurious lotus, cheerful orange, frankincense, provocative calamus, balm of Gilead and a touch of musk, what's not to love?