Magical Powers of the Psalms

Magical Powers of the Psalms
There is a mystical quality inherent to the psalms. By saying a particular Psalm over and over with an intent, a specific purpose may be achieved.

This book provides a variety of uses to which the Psalms have been applied throughout the ages. If you are in need of spiritual guidance, you can receive it with faithful repetition of any of several of the psalms. If you require financial aid, there are also appropriate psalms which, when prayed with devotion will provide you blessings.

With the proper guidance and study of the Psalms you will discover which Psalm may be applied to your special need. The purposes listed within are but a few applications for each of the Psalms, and your own study and meditation may expand the list even further.

When utilizing the Psalms to achieve your goals it is vital that your purpose is stated specifically aloud, both before and after reading the psalm aloud.

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Powers of the Psalms

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