Santeria, African Magic in Latin America

Santeria, African Magic in Latin America
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In 1973, the first hardcover edition of Santeria: African Magic in Latin America by cultural anthropologist Migene Gonzalez-Wippler was first published by Julian Press. It became an immediate best-seller and is still considered by many experts one of the most popular books on Santeria, having gone through four editions and several translations. Now this beloved classic, written by one of the foremost scholars on the Afro-Cuban religion, has returned in a fifth edition. This time, the text has been carefully edited and corrected to incorporate vital new material. The Beliefs, the practices, the legends of Santeria are brilliantly brought to life in this exciting and critically best-seller. If you have ever wondered what Santeria is, if you are curious about the rituals and practices of this mysterious religion, and want to delve in its deepest secrets, read Santeria: African Magic in Latin America. It will answer all of your questions and much more. This is a 179 page soft cover book.