Wildly popular within a variety of ritual magic traditions, Jar candles are frequently used by themselves or along with prayer and other ritual methods to bring blessings, protection, or even curses into being.

7 Day Glass Candles - Plain
If you believe in spirituality and spells, and if you believe that lighting Seven Day Candles can help you to achieve your desires, then 7 Day Candles is your solution to get what you want. Whether you want to attract something towards you like money, happiness or love, or whether you want to send something away from you like spirits, evil or negativity, these Seven Day Candles are the best choice.
7 Day Candles - Screened
To dress the candle, you simply sprinkle in a tiny bit of the oils and herbs that you have chosen for the desired effect. You can take something thin, like a small screwdriver or a letter opener and make holes in the wax to let the oil and herbs seep down in, providing a steadier burn. This is recommended but not essential.